The Passage of Time


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I was watching the pilot episode yesterday and a thought just occurred to me, During the opening credits two young ladies walk down the steps by the cafe, they are probably in their 60's now, and the young boy who meets Blamire walking his dog will be in his 50's
If I remember rightly didn't boy have measles? Much to Blamires disgust. o_O


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Also Noras husband is referred to as Howard and I think the young girl is supposed to be her daughter?
Since Nora's character was meant to be a one-off, her husband's name was inconsequential and so was the location of her cottage, except that it had to be where she would have use of the yard outside Compo's door. When the audience response to her character was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and she became a permanent character, probably no one expected us to recall the young woman coming out of what became Nora's door.


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I liked the young lady who came out of what became Nora's door in the pilot episode. Shame she did not stick around for more episodes. I had wondered about that too thinking she came out of Nora's door after watching more episodes. At first I thought maybe it was two units with a common door. A bit like the house used in Men Behaving Badly where they share a common entryway.

It is hard to believe that Nora was meant as a one off character. It suited her so well that I can see why they would want her to come back and stay for a while.

Adrian Morris

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When I read the end credits of each episode now I count how many of the actors have since passed away. The most I have counted a couple of times is ten. I am currently watching series 15.