The new neighbours across the road.


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I have had a chinwag with {Chinwag, now that's something rarely heard of these days}, ... a chinwag with a lady who was taking her doggy for a walk in order for it to have a pee. There are no trees in our street so the little doggy, called 'Darlin', has to make use of other availabilities which, in this case, was my right leg. No wonder my ankles are going rusty. She tells me that the new neighbours are from some European country where the letter Z is used a lot. The lady of the house is called Neezan, I told you in a previous correspondence that she was somewhat overweight and very rotund. Yesterday she fell over a discarded wallet, not much use for those things these days and rocked herself to sleep trying to get up again. Back to the names, the son is called Bhumpza, the husband is called Hanz and the daughter is called Daizzee. Put together it sounds as though they might have come from Pimlico in London. Hanz, Neezan, Bhumpza, Daizzee. :fp: