The most famous five notes in history ????


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Now...I have been thinking.....
We all know those 5 notes that MOST PEOPLE would identify as the most famous EVER [please stay with me on this...'cos it may seem a trifle surreal !!!]..YES !!...those 5 notes when the scientists are trying to make contact with the aliens in " Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" know the ones I mean...they went "DO,DO,DO,DO DOOOOO"......WELL....I beg to differ !!!...the most famous and SOOTHING five notes EVER are played at the end of every episode of our favourite know the ones I mean.....they go [very slowly now !!!]...."DEE,DEE,DEE,DEE,DEEEEEEE"......just have a listen as OUR SHOW is absolutely beautiful !!!!.
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The end of ELO's Mr Blue Sky contains a few notes from Rhapsody in Blue which is Jeff Lynne's tribute to George Gershwin I believe. Being a scouser imagine you were annoyed when you heard Paul Weller had purloined more than a few notes from the Fab Four's Taxman for his single Start.