The Ghosts

Bora Natty

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It seems the CBS network is showing this here. I noticed because Paramount+ had an ad on a football game I was watching. Is this worth a watch, or should I pass?
Can I assume this is the sitcom Ghosts you are enquiring about Bora, if it is then I missed the original shows and I know that it is about to end after several series here in the UK but it is available for us to watch so I have just started to watch from the start . So far I am unsure whether or not I'll finish it . I have watched 2 episodes and whilst there are a few laugh out loud moments some of it is not the best . If pushed on it I would certainly give it a watch , I may be in the minority because in the UK it has been well received with good reviews and high viewing figures . Just t be sure we are discussing the same thing here is a still of the cast.

I watched the first few series of the UK (original) series and it was OK, started to go off it after about 3 seasons.
I have tried to watch the US version but, as I expected with a US knockoff I found it unwatchable.

I find most, if not all UK to US versions of shows are krapp. SOME US to UK shows have been ok, but for the life of me I cannot think of one offhand..
I see where I made my mistake "Ghosts" is an Americanized version of the British "Ghosts" and that most likely means, it's a dumb downed knockoff. I looked up the show when I saw the advert and it took me to the British version and therein lies my mistake. I have it on as I type and so far, I think this is enough for me. A UK to US show I liked was the takeoff on Steptoe and Son that became Sanford and Son here. Thanks all!
Episodes 1 and 2 were aired back to back last night on CBS. Totally hilarious and apparently held its own in the ratings!

Interesting compare and contrast review