The Blakey Twins


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A photo of our Smiler / Stephen Lewis from On the Buses show as Cyril Blake showing Stan Butler a picture of him and his twin sister. Stan was interested in marrying Blake's niece and Cyril was showing him what her mom looked like.


Thought it worth a chuckle. Reminded me there was a show called Don't Drink the Water in which Inspector Blake moves to Spain with his sister after the On the Buses show. Only saw a few episodes - not enough to get a good feel of the show.
Clearly laid the ground work for his many guises dressed as a female in LOTSW not very good at recalling episodes but those images of him in a long ginger wig handing out leaflets and dressed in full bridal regalia in the back of the car passing the pub where Truly and co are all sat , are prime examples of what Stephen would do for his craft , and to earn a crust of course.
It was a vehicle for some of the cast of Hi De Hi when that finished, written by David Croft and a series of other writers it made it to 20 episodes before being canned . Mr Lewis played Harry Lambert in his usual inimitable style.

Nothing to do with the great Art Blakey , Stephen Lewis played Cyril Blake [known as Blakey] in a UK comedy On the Buses and the photo is an shot from an episode where Stephen is dressed as Cyril's twin sister as well as Cyril "Blakey" Blake the Bus Inspector he played in the whole series and what he is famous for. The picture depicts him and his twin sister [Stephen in drag] from that episode.