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Many moons ago when I was in intermediate school (7th-8th grades), one day in the cafeteria during lunch, they were fixing the microphone on the stage (there was a stage at one end of the room) and they started testing the microphone by saying "Testing, one, two, three" and everyone suddenly spontaneously stood up and said "four, five, six." Ah youth.

captain clutterbuck

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Not you Dick ! Those who have been on the site from the start can confirm or perhaps refute what I believed , apologies if I am wrong but I think the very first hard of hearing person on the site was Jeff who was a one time sheep farmer who kept older sheep rather than send spring lamb to market . After many years as a farmer he decided to "go to the other side " and became a butcher . He did , however , only briefly stay as a barmpot for a very short period of time and has not rejoined . He did have his own unique handle which was probably testimony to his time as a sheep farmer and difficulty in hearing , what was it I hear the newer members ask ......................................................... simply Mutton Jeff :08: