St Johns Church - Parking


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On-street parking on Binns lane and Upperthong lane.
St John's church is between the two and is where Compo
and Clegg are buried. The roads are narrow so on-street
parking might be a problem. Cannot remember a parking lot
near the church.

But if you are in Holmfirth it's not much of a walk.
Depends on where you are staying.



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Pretty much depends on where you are staying in Holmfirth.
We really need to know where in Holmfirth you are coming
from. If we knew where you are coming from, we could
give you better details.

You can ride the scooter up Upperthong Lane from Woodend
Road (the main road thru Holmfirth) and go thru the
lynchgate to the church.


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Although the lane is tight, you can get away with parking as there is space more or less outside the Church entrance