Snow - Where?


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Just seen an article on an on-line news page which explained that in Staffordshire (UK) there had been so much snow that cars had to be abandoned, and displayed the following image of the "so much snow"


What can I say, when I was in the States that would be regarded as a light dusting, when it got to 3 feet deep, that's when it became a little dificult to drive in!!!!


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Since we had the dreaded Smart meter installed; if it snows in London then the meter will hit the jackpot. Not looking forward to snow, sadly.


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Many moons ago, we had that mega-snowstorm and my department had just moved into a new building which was located on a previously unoccupied side street, a favorite for the city transportation department for dumping of excess snow. You guessed it! The fact that there was a brand new building on that street did not phase them a bit. They still dumped. The mound was over 10 feet high.

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There's no misery like snow misery like no misery I know
Everything about it's not appealing, everything that's traffic will not flow
Nowhere could you get that unhappy feeling , when you are stuck waiting , for Mr Plow! :mad: