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Well done Captain Sir Thomas Moore. What a great man he is. He is definitely worthy of his Knighthood. I saw him on TV this morning and was very amused by his comment that he hoped the Queen wouldn't be heavy-handed with the sword.
I think that my wife is in favour of me being knighted. Well, I'm not certain of what she said, it sounded like "Why don't you get Knighted?" Then again, she might have said, "Why don't you get knotted?":39:

captain clutterbuck

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Sure there was a song to celebrate your knighthood Peri :08:

There's a tiny house [Rotherham way]
by a tiny stream
where a lovely lass
had a lovely dream

And her dream came true
quite unexpectedly
in Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer
where Peri got knighted
by the Queen ...