Seymore Xmas Episodes.


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The last few days I've spent watching all the Seymore Xmas episodes and they're fast becoming my favourite xmas episodes, Getting Sam Home will always be number 1. In my opinion the only let down is Dream Acres, which I also watched. I've been trying to work out why it's unpopular and the only reason I can think of is Ray Mcanally I don't think it's because he's a bad actor he just didn't fit in, I've heard a lot of cast didn't like him and I think that shines through. My favourite is probably CRUMS but I'm wavering between What's Santa Bought of Nora Batty. Howard in fisherman's wear is very funny and Marina looking like she's been dragged through a hadge backwards some how seems inevitable.


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I still say Getting Barry Higher in the World is my favourite Seymour episode.