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Besides the 3 main characters, who would you like to Self-Isolate with?

My choice would be, Alvin, Electric Entwistle and Auntie Wainright.


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Wesley - his practical skills would come in very handy!
Clegg - for philosophical stimulation
Wally - mercy mission as his life would be Hell if he had to self isolate with Nora :D


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Alvin, for his bent sense of humor and for his face that, even when he isn't smiling, looks as though he's about to smile.
Entwistle, for his sweet expression and his humor.
Morton, because he appears to need rescuing.

captain clutterbuck

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Alvin for the humour , Howard and Pearl , knowing he can't go out and has to stay with Pearl plus he will be wondering who Marina is staying with . You certainly would not need to do any domestic chores as Pearl would have Howard doing everything and be great to see how shifty he can be when in lockdown trying to contact Marina in some way :)


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Sid, but NOT Ivy. It would give Sid some much needed time away from her which he usually enjoys.
Nora, as she would keep us busy and occupied doing housework.
and Clegg, to give us some philosophical things to muse over and keep our brains active.


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I would love to self-isolate on the hills and wave to Howard and Marina as they "view the local wildlife."


The Coder
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Ivy - I need feeding - I'm a growing lad :D
Wesley - I just really enjoy his sense of humour
Auntie Wainright - Dunno why


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Any of the post ladies, essential worker so they can collect my shopping
Miss Moody to read to me
Hobbo for dairy products and protection from the Russians


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Crusher or Mrs Avery - protection against the zombie horde.
Billy Ingleton or Captain Zero - chuckles and giggles.
Miss Davenport or Ethel - snuggles and cuddles.
Potts the Explorer - for outdoor camping savvy skills and chuckles.


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Ethel is played by Maggie Ollerenshaw in the episode where Howard dressed up as Elvis. Her husband / boyfriend was the one running around trying to find Elvis. Also she was in the Love Mobile episode as the matchmaker that tried to find someone for Smiler. Been a fan of Maggie since I first saw her in Lovejoy.

I tried to make my list by using characters that did not get as much screen time as some of the more regulars.