Saluting Dad's Army

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As the Patsy Cline song says

When I go postin' , after midnight
Under the moonlight
Mistakes are often made, I'm always postin'
After midnight , not makin' sure my facts are true.:)

The real song is Walkin after Midnight I amended the lyrics to reflect what you said about posting . If you look through the threads you will see it's a little hobby of mine .Someone posts a phrase in a thread and it triggers a song in my head which I then alter the lyrics to fit what they have said :-



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With the Dads Army hotel being run down - it would cost a bomb to keep a hotel up and running if you dont have a constant flow of people - let alone to update it every few years to compete with other destinations...

How many of the <40 group who seem to have lots of spare cash to blow would remember Dads Army, let alone want to tour it... Probably teh same for many of "OUR" era shows.
Thetford gets thousands of visitors every year as does Holmfirth probably the issue is they are nearly all day visitors because they can see the sites and attractions in a day and so don't require accommodation . Personally if I was to visit Thetford I would want to stay at the Bell because the stars of Dad's Army have actually stayed there and I am sure the current owners could or should know who stayed in which room [assuming the building has not internally altered] . How great would it be to stay in the same room that Arthur Lowe , Clive Dunn or any of the other stars have stayed or drink at the same bar .

The tribute show on UK Gold at present for the 50 years has gone to Thetford and there are shots of the Bell so that is some free publicity for them . The show seems as popular as ever and this tribute has brought it to the attention of people who probably didn't know about it . I am all for promoting the heritage of the great comedies we have been privileged to watch.


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I'd say Dads Army is still popular as you do - with the older generation. I still well up when watching the last episode... Brilliant ending.

But i wonder how many of the younger generation could actually understand the comedy, or what it would be like to have lived through what they are showing... I'm in my 50s so its way before my time, but mum adn dad being old poms used to tell lots of hellish tales of the war... still have souvenirs of some of the bombings, glass shards from certain old churches from london etc.
I thought it was a brilliant ending too. I feel very sad that James Beck, AKA Private Walker was not in the very last episode. It's such a shame that he died so young.
But i wonder how many of the younger generation could actually understand the comedy
I think unless you lived through those times I don't believe anyone could fully appreciate what it would be like however, with the poignancy of this year in particular I know in the UK a lot of schools have focused on all sorts of projects regarding the Great War so that children get an understanding of what living through those times was like .

Whilst DA refers specifically to WW2 there must be aspects of that conflict that would resonate with the younger generation given the way they have been educated. DA is multi faceted in what it tackles one of the biggest themes running through it is pomposity and the relationship between Mainwaring and Wilson which all based around class and that is as obvious today as it was when portrayed in the show.

On its simplest level the sheer stupidity and slapstick moments that run through all series is enough to entertain people of all ages even if they do not have any inkling of what times were like when the show is set. I agree the ending is poignant perhaps , in my own opinion, topped only by the ending of Blackadder Goes Forth.
I have to admit to being a fan of Frasier which is still shown on Channel 4 on a more regular basis than LOTSW was/is on UKTV , the sheer snobbery portrayed by Frasier and Niles contrasted with the down to earth no nonsense approach of their Dad Martin made for a great comedy.


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I must admit, I think MASH or Married with Children were the last American shows I could watch

But MASH has been replayed 2121049820394032942034923049832 times now, and over here in AU - seems to be only the same 40 episodes on rotation week in week out - sometimes the same episode 3 days in a row...
Thats PAY TV for you ->> Unbearable!