Return of not the Warriors.


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If you had the chance to bring back a former cast member for a 'catch up' to see how they'd got on with the passage of time like we got we with Norris Fairburn who would it be?

Initially I'm going to plump for Crusher.

captain clutterbuck

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This sounds morbid and flippant but please be assured this is a genuine thought and is in no way meant as an insult to any of the stars or intended to offend anyone in the member base . To me any of the characters who have sadly died because if there is an after life when we pass away then any of the cast would be able to impart information of what it was like . I apologise if this does indeed offend anyone I will happily remove the post if that is the case.


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Some of these actors have since passed on, but I'll go for Compo's relatives - Chip and wife, Gordon, and Big Malcolm.

There was no reason why Judd the barber couldn't have been a recurring character.

I think Wainwright the librarian could have been given more to do, his return in series 3 didn't amount to much, I believe the actor carried on working a few more years.

And of course, Ogden Butterclough.

Not sure if you are only looking for actors still alive today, or actors who lived long enough to appear in later LOTSW episodes...