Reintroducing myself after being gone forever!


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Hi guys!

So I don't even know if anyone remembers me but I'm back after being gone for years. I was going to make a new account but managed to get into this one. I got busy in real life and then got into some things I shouldn't have gotten into and several failed relationships, nervous breakdowns, and stints in rehab later, I decided to go back to college online and I also decided reconnect with my mom, which means I'm back into LOTSW!

So for those of you who don't know me, which is probably most of you, I'm Holly, I'm 29, I'm from Calhoun Falls, SC, and I use to be a lot like Marina but these days, I'm a more settled down Marina. My interests include reading, writing, hanging out with my friends and family and my boyfriend who I love very much, and studying for my bachelor's degree in business administration. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask!
Lovely to hear from you Marinas Twin! I'm a relative newcomer to the site but love this wonderful community. So glad to hear life is more settled for you, there's loads of exciting posts for you to catch up on. And the really exciting news is the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Holmfirth at the end of this month !!!!!
Greets and Weclome back, Marina'sTwin!

Glad to hear you are successfully sorting through life's challenges. Pretty country where you are. Spent a nice long holiday weekend around there a few decades back when I lived in Atlanta. Or maybe it was Tallulah Gorge... sorry, can't remember, it has been awhile. I'm enjoying the NC coast now. Except for those big wet, windy hurricane things that roll through every now and then.

Nice to have you back at the SummerWine forums and look forward to your input. I've been here a few years and it is a great group of people.
Thanks guys! It's great to be back! I'm going to be pretty busy today because I've got a mountain of homework to finish and some business to take care of with the bank and a therapy appointment tomorrow so I'll probably be pretty quiet today and tomorrow but I'm usually random and talkative so get ready for that! Lol
Welcome back! I'm happy to hear that your life is under better control now. I had wondered how you were doing.
Thank you! It's great to be back! I think I remember you! Yeah, basically the short version of what happened was that I decided I didn't need my medicine anymore and descended into straight up insanity and I sure did take the long way back to realizing that I definitely do need my medicine and I don't need other stuff! Lol It took several trips to the psych ward and rehab before I finally settled down and decided to cooperate and then I relapsed during the pandemic, but I think the pandemic did a number on everyone's mental health. But I'm doing great now, I'm keeping my therapy appointments and doing well in school and actually taking my medicine like the doctor says and I've still got a long way to go before I'm back to functioning like a normal person but that's ok, I'm doing as well as I can be and that's what matters.