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Hi everyone,
I have about 5 vhs tapes with recorded tv episodes/specials of LOSW , taped by my parents (who adored it) over a good number of years.There may be the odd Dads Army in there too, but Id like to GIVE them to a good home.If anyone would like them please contact me, I could arrange to send them on (please just cover p&P) or collect.
I also have commercially produced vhs tapes which I would like to sell for a small amount(maybe £25.00 /ONO the set??) to losw lovers, including:
.Last of Summer Wine spring fever -3 EPISODES
.Last of Summer Wine A QUIET DRINK -3 EPISODES
.Last of Summer Wine /COMPLETE SERIES 1[1973]double tape set
.Last of Summer Wine FORKED LIGHTENING -3 EPISODES £4.50 ONO
.Last of the Summer Wine Old bottle cover/EARLY FIRST SERIES (£28.99 on AMAZON)
Also a Dads Army -ASLEEP IN THE DEEP
Open all Hours-
Please contact me with thoughts and ANY offers, my Parents would hate them to be wasted.
Actually I have to say that over the years my Mum was trapped inside a body that wouldn't work but with a very capable mind, these episodes really made her laugh, over and over again, so my thanks really go out to all the comic Geniuses involved in the production of these little gems.