Rare Summer Wine Memorabilia For Sale

Tony B

Hi everyone!
I have a collection of Summer Wine memorabilia that I would now like to sell. These include fanzines/newsletters from the Summer Wine Appreciation Society, a prop used in an episode, some script pages from various episodes (no full scripts) and more. Some of the items have been signed by the cast which my wife and I were lucky enough to get while visiting various filming locations over the years as filming took place.
I have gotten much enjoyment out of all of it over the years but I now realise that I haven't looked at any of it for a long time and I feel I would like pass it on for others to enjoy. Also with things as they are nowadays, the extra money would be a great help.

I will be selling it all on Ebay and as this is my first time selling, it will take a little while to get to grips with it. Therefore, I will start by selling one item at a time until I feel confident enough to list more items. I'll try to keep you all updated here when anything new goes up and also when something sells.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find something that interests you.

Edit: 16/06/2022
The first item is now up for sale. I've included international shipping as I know how popular Summer Wine is in the US. :)
Official Summer Wine Appreciation Society Fanzine Booklet Issue 7 Autumn 1995 - This item has now sold

Please can you let me know if I should continue to edit my original post with updates or would you rather I just reply each time?
I guess by replying, people will get updates? Is that how it works? Thanks.
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New item on Ebay. Something a little different this time.
This item has now sold
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