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Just joined the group. My favorite tv show. First found it on public television years ago. I bought the complete set of shows last year because public tv stopped showing it. I am a retired farmer who now keeps bees here in the midwest USA, state of Iowa. Someday I hope to visit England.


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Welcome to the home of many barmpots,I hope you make the trip over at some point


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Welcome to Summerwine Randol. I see that you keep bees. My favourite insect is the bumblebee. I have picked many up off the footpath to save them from being trodden on. I would put my hand down to the ground and they would walk onto it. I've never been stung yet. Our budgie got their name mixed up and he calls them beeble-bums. Tell us more about your bees. If you are as daft as me they will all have names.


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@Randol , I had a bee hive for several years when I was younger. Was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. The fresh honey supply was awesome. You are doing a great thing with them. Been hearing a lot of stories lately about how our bee population has really taken a hit. Very important creatures to have to help the crops and plants.

@Peripheral How is your puppy dog Jack been doing? Eager to be out and about now that Spring is closer?


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Someday I hope to visit England.
I hope you are able to make that trip. But beware — visiting England is addictive. When I made my first trip nearly 30 years ago, I thought it was my only trip ever. I've been back annually or more often ever since, despite having to exercise black-belt frugality to afford it.


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From here in NC we fly into Manchester rent a car
and then drive up.to Holmfirth. Places we like to go
are Holmfirth and hawes.