Pilot episode of losw.

HELLO THERE, i,m a new member here and in need of some help. I am a big fan of LOSW, and have been since the very first episode. I,M trying to find out where i can buy the VERY FIRST EPISODE, SERIES 1 EPISODE 0, called " OF FUNERALS AND FISH ", that was aired on the BBC,S COMEDY PLAYHOUSE. I HAVE ALL THE D.V.D.,S THAT HAVE BEEN RELEASED UP TILL NOW, BUT CAN,T FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND THE PILOT EPISODE. If anyone can help me i would be very grateful. THANK YOU Mr Mark Gilson.


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Hello Mark, welcome to you.

The pilot episode has never been on VHS or DVD, and not often repeated on the various cable/satellite channels. We are all waiting ...