Pick two episodes s3


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Series Three was when Foggy joined the show. Some great episodes here, most are clearly written with Blamire in mind.

You have the difficult task to pick just two episodes from this series, and tell us what makes them great.


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I can't do it - for me they are all first equal!

The one that made me laugh most though was "The Kink in Foggy's Niblick", just for the sheer absurdity, and Brian Wilde's straight face throughout it all.


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The Man From Oswestry.... the first time we see Foggy.
Isometrics and After.... the first time we see Compo's matchbox.


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Getting On Sidneys Wire, Foggy had settled in by now and the interactions were mire comfortable, some great scenes in that episode. The Great Boarding House Caper is a great episode, it was first 2 parter, Foggy and Clegg reading the dirt postcards, the argument in the pub and the lines. Will you have one landlord? Not one of those two I don't!


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Mending Stuart's Leg - for the fact the trio are working together to solve the problem of Stuart's unreliable leg.
The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper and Cheering up Gordon - We are away from Holmfirth for a while, and also the sympathy I feel for Wally when Nora wants to go to the zoo and Marine-land rather then visiting the lifeboat.


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In the The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper and Cheering up Gordon, I think that it just interesting to note what they actually do at the beach. Gordon fishes, Sid and Ivy read and chat, Compo and Clegg connive, Nora drags Wally to the local attractions, and only Foggy takes a swim. So back then, was that what most people did when they went to the beach?