Pick two episodes s2


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Series Two was the last to feature Michael Bates, though he did carry on working on a few more series of It Ain't Half Hot Mum.

Pick two of your favourite episodes from Series Two, and explain what makes them so great.

If anyone would like a list of Series Two episodes, help is not far away.


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Some Enchanted Evening. Nora getting gussied up for Compo, Compo getting Gussied up for Nora and Blamire and Clegg realising they need Compo just as much as he needs them.
Who's that Dancing with Nora Batty. It's the first one that made me cry


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The Changing Face of Rural Blamire - great story & acting - Blamire's expression when he finally sees his face in the mirror is priceless. Such a relief that it just washes off - in real life Blamire would probably have ended up in A&E!

Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty - such a warm-hearted episode. Nice idea of giving Gloria a send-off and I like the convivial atmosphere at the party (even if Nora does end up thumping Compo!) I liked the night view of Holmfirth at the end and the scenes in the much-missed Victoria Park shelter, and Blamire's piano playing is amusing.


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This is a hard series to choose from, mind you they all are.

Forked Lightning is excellent, I like the sequence outside the café with Sid and the bicycle.

Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty? because I like Blamire's piano playing and the simplicity of the farewell party.


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The Changing Face of Rural Blamire, for Michael Bates superb acting skills, particularly when he has the Shinyglow spray all over his face.

Also Forked Lightning as (I think) its the first time the trio are seen behaving as "OACs" (that's "Old Age Children"), something they do quite a lot in older episodes.


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Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe -- First of all, this was when physical comedy came in to play and then there was that off camera situation which, very fortunately, ended well.