PC Cooper and PC Walsh series


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So the PC Cooper and Walsh spin-off never spun up. Very sad as we always enjoy their moments (including the two shorts). There is a collective "oh no" (with a smile) in our home whenever their segment starts (especially if the two have been away for a few episodes). We know something is about to happen in front of them, if not to them.

So I try to imagine what such a show would look like. I suspect that, like LOTSW, there would have to be at least some B and C plots and settings to fill each episode. With that I would like to ask everyone to offer what they think some of those locations and characters could be?

I'll start it off with what I think would be the most obvious which is the police station itself (we see this in at least one LOTSW episodes where they toss the vicar in the trunk). For characters there is of course the supervisor/inspector always grilling them about the outcome (or lack thereof) paperwork reports. Other interactions could include the a dispatcher clerk and perhaps even one or two other PCs as they sort out beats or other assignments. I'm not sure what if any sub-plots would make sense here.

The town and surrounding dales are ripe with additional possibilities so with that I'd like to hear what characters and settings you think could fill out Walsh and Cooper's misadventures?
Has to be a dealing with a drunk , perhaps even a drunken style brawl that spills from the pub onto the street [nothing too violent maybe half a dozen old duffers squaring up to each other Gentleman Jim Corbett style showing intent but not throwing punches accompanied by their wives/ladies in a separate confrontation armed with handbags and brolleys] and C and W as the local plod get the shout to attend . The scene would show their initial reticence to get involved with a string of excuses but then as it seems to be quelling they step in for it all to start again you can see the possibilities especially with the ladies and their handbags /brolleys.
The police car up on bricks with the wheels gone was a great finish.
The policemen were Great as clips in summer wine, as was Eli, but to make full episodes would take some doing.Citroen dispatch width
The policemen were Great as clips in summer wine, as was Eli, but to make full episodes would take some doing.
Exactly - like summer wine, such a show would be dependent on side stories and new characters (both individually and groups/settings) to fill out episodes. It's a blank and open canvas on this thread!
Some very disturbing news has been released about Louis Emerick [PC Walsh ] today . I wont post details here but if anyone wants to read about it certainly in the Daily Mirror and the other red top papers.
Sounds like genuine accident but avoidable. He has taken full responsibility which I'm glad to see. I think you're right not going into detail here.
It's also on the BBC website which a trust more than the red tops.