Our Joey


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This is our little friend Joey. We found him in the back garden eleven and a half years ago. Here he is tucking into a biscuit. If you take a closer look, at the first photo you will see a purple ring on his left leg. About 18 months ago his leg started to swell up and overgrow the ring. It was causing him problems. The vet said that he would need an operation and that would cost £170. Also, he was unlikely to survive the operation. He had been such a good pet, amusing us for hours with his chatter. We decided to give it a try. My wife took him to the vet in a taxi and about two hours later came home, in the taxi, carrying the cage. In the bottom but chirping away was Joey. The ring was gone but his leg was sore. I never expected to see him again. We had to give him antibiotics which, after a few days, had him hopping around again. It was a little miracle for which the bill was, £17.00. He is still lively and loves the toys Santa Claws brought him. he must be about 12 years old now. A good age for a budgie.