Our friend has gone


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Some of you will know about our two pets, Joey the budgie and Jack the Jack Russel terrier. Yesterday we lost Joey. He had a tumor on his kidney. We found him in the back garden nearly 14 years ago. He wasn't a budgie, he was a friend. We will miss him so much. Maybe one day the tears will stop.


Adrian Morris

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Sorry to hear about your loss. I have lost a number of pets over the years. Though all I have to do is think of the antics they done and it brings a smile back to my face.

captain clutterbuck

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So sorry to hear that Peri the loss of a family member , and pets are, is very difficult to deal with and very emotional so to have Joey for such a long time I can fully empathise with your grief at this time. Take care.


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Sorry to hear this, Brian. Can imagine how fond of your animals you are and how much joy they bring you.


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So very sorry Peri. These small companions add so much to our lives. 14 years plus whatever age he might have been when you found him, you must have taken exquisite care of him. Give Jack an extra hug, he probably misses his little brother too.