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A few days ago Jack & Joey posted the question, 'Whose nose turned septic?'. Glenda very quickly came up with the answer Nigel Hinchliffe. I did say that Nigel Hinchliffe had a shop in Holmfirth. I have searched for quite a while to find a picture of that shop. The other day I was watching 'Some Enchanted Evening', series 2 episode 4, and the three were crossing the road in the center of Holmfirth and in the background was the shop. The name 'NIGEL HINCHLIFFE' was on the the orange sign above the shop window. A lot of you must have seen this before but maybe one or two of you didn't know this. I was never overly keen on the first two series so it's a long time since I have seen this particular shot. That and the fact that I am very ancient is my excuse for not remembering this particular scene. You might have to make use of a magnifying glass to read the name, I did. The Yorkshire dialect was used more in the first two series. :18: :42::21:
Good eye there @Peripheral . I just had a quick look at that episode. Seems Hinchliffe may have been a popular name then. I spotted a yellow Joe Hinchcliffe sign as they cross the bridge. Then the orange Nigel Hinchcliffe sign a few buildings away as they turn and come down the street. They can be a bit hard to get a clean screenshot since the camera is panning plus the distance away does not help.

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A good potential plot thread there, Moody. She could still work the library and join the ladies at tea to grumble about husbands and men in general.
Never mind the McDonagh's of Jamieson Street its the Hinchcliffe's of Holmfirth and you can add to the list of the "Beware of's" [its a bit like the Carry On's only there are five for LOTSW] the Elbow, the Oglethorpe, the Vanilla Slice, the Hot Dog and Laughing at Nora's Hats I give you the latest ...........Beware of the Sceptic Nose . :fp: Sorry about this inane Dribble sorry drivel , the writing that is not the dribble from the Sceptic Nose :eek: I need a cup of relaxing tea and a lie down.
She could re educate Nora into seeing and feeling more of the romantic,cultured side of life.....
Just imagine Lucinda and Nora gazing at dew on spiders webs.......discussing the romantic novel....but the worrying thing is......when she finally persuaded Nora to pick up a paintbrush .....just what would Nora put on her blank canvas ?????...the mind boggles !!!!
If you recall the battle over cleanliness between Mrs Avery and Nora then perhaps they could have had a modern day guest star with that name Sophie Hinchcliffe who is better known as Mrs Hinch , she'd have given them both a run for their money.
Hi new member found the forum searching to replace this mug (well used with a crack now in the handle) for my 75 year old brother who is a massive fan as were both my parents back in the the point their grandkids called my dad their "Compo" Grandad....beaney hat etc ect as he was always in his garage busy with scrap etc but looked the spitting image of Bill!
Is there anywhere I could find one of these mugs


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Welcome Margaret. Lots of different summer wine mugs can be purchased from the summer wine gift shop, they do mail order.
There are 2 different Compo mugs on ebay,, No1 = item No 144841824704
No2 = item No 354285075708
& a small wrinkled stocking tea pot item No = 185687242699.
Thanks for the reply!
Yeah he wanted to replace this specific one he has had for about 20 years and china of course
Welcome aboard, it may be difficult to get the same one as I suspect it was a limited run and once they are gone, they are gone, I assume you have looked on Ebay just in case there is one on there that someone has sat in a cupboard for year
The warmest of welcomes Margaret if I had such a cup you could have it but sadly I don't . I do sincerely hope your quest is fruitful and someone who has one will either gift it or sell it to you . :)