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Hello all, I am now retired after 40 years with BT , I’ve been a summer wine fan for many years spending as much time as I can especially now I have more time. Using various landmarks, street names, and google maps/ earth have found most significant film locations, there are still some I am hoping to find through this forum. As I live in West Yorkshire it’s only an hour away from holmfirth which after some fish and chips is my starting point for my reccys. Chat again soon.

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Hello Phil and Welcome to the Forum , look forward to your posts . If you want to see some locations without travelling , aside from Terry's brilliant map, the Member's Photos section has some really excellent pictures of the locations some showing the scene from the show contrasted with the location as it is today .


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Hi Phil and welcome. I live in South Yorkshire so we are comparative neighbours. I live in Rotherham but used to live in Sheffield. I couldn't stand the winters there ;).
40 years with BT? Did they give you a medal?