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I have always loved LOTSW...and especially the foggy years.Living opposite Beaumont Park i can always remember being awoken from my hungover slumber one Sunday morning by the clanging and hammering of the film crew setting up opposite my house in the park and Brian Wilde walking about with half a bush of camouflage about his person preparing himself for the shoot.I went and sat on the grass with a bacon & egg sandwich and watched on.RIP Brian.

Ps Anyone remember the episode....Foggy emerges from the bushes behind a chap sat on a park bench extolling the virtues of correct camouflage techniques...?

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Greets and Welcome, Sammer. :18:

I can picture the scene but not the episode name at the moment. I believe the police have a talking to Foggy at the scene. Is it also the one where Foggy gets a free ride into town in the back of the police car and they pass Cleggy & Compo?