New here and "learning the business"


Hi everyone, i just thought i would say hello to all the members of this Forum, my name is Jonathan Linsley and many moons ago i played "Crusher" in Last of the Summer Wine. Its been a delight to me to find so many people who still love the series and a joy to find so many lovely people who remember my all too brief appearances in the Cafe. Thank you all


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Glad you stopped in to say Hi to all of us. You as Crusher is a well loved character of the Last of the Summer Wine show we all hold dear.

Great work you did on the paintings of the characters in another thread. I think you did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the actors and their characters. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. If I could I would order one of each! :)


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Welcome, Jonathan! Your acting made the Crusher character come alive, and the same with the very different character of Chunky Livesey in the second series of First of the Summer Wine. Your interpretation of that character was frighteningly threatening — a great contrast to Crusher!


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Hey Up Crusher, So glad you are with us. I am Chuck here in Durham (North Carolina) Been a
Summer Wine fan for ever and have them all on several media.


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I've got a picture in my mind of Bill (Compo ) looking up at you and you looking back down at him with a great puzzled smile on your face.
I think he was supposed to be borrowing your coat (frock) to sell ice cream !:42::fp: