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HellllloooOOOO, I,m a newbie, although at 83 years old I don't have a clue how I can be called a newbie. Should that be newby? My spellchecker tells me that newbie is the correct spelling. I'm a bloke, 83, and searching desperately for a group that is made up of people and not cliques. I was introduced to this group by another newbie, 'Manwinoname'. That's a laugh, Manwinoname, it's nothing to do with westerns it's just that when he was taken to be christened the church was closed. I will post a pic of myself providing the lady members can control themselves when they see me. Bye for now.


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Welcome aboard always nice to have new members and age does not matter on this forum,we all have a love of the show and that is all that matters
I think I speak for my sex when I say we're all a gog with anticipation however I must warn you we're not impress easerly.
Well, here is a pic I took of myself on my last birthday. What a morbid expression that is, my last birthday. Sounds like I'm going to shake a seven any day now.
Anyway, here is the pic.

OOPS, wrong pic. Now, where did I put that Clint Eastwood photo? AAHHH, here it is.

DUCK, here come the overripe tomatoes.



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Oh my, something that noname said just dawned on me...
...Compo used to give you his old clothes to wear to smarten you up...
Imagine having to wear Compo's hand me downs, wow. :D

Maybe 'previous' instead of 'last' birthday might sound less like getting ready to shuffle off the mortal coil. If I understand the meaning of shake a seven correctly. Is that a Craps dice game reference?
Right Pearl, you have seen my pic, tell me, are you all agoged? Are you totally overcome by agogness? I am so overwhelmed by my beauty that I have to take tranquillizers before I am allowed to look in a mirror. OH, MY WISH. ..... Tell you what though, I look even worse when I take my mask off at night. As Compo once said, "Tell me Cleggy, which is my best side?" In my case, it's my backside. :eek2: