Nervous actor


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On the Wormley Witches episode tonight Nora had to try and get something out of Alvin's eye with a hanky and her hands were shaking really badly. I always imagined actors to be confident but it seems that even they get nervous with some things.
I think CC may have a point, this was one of the very last few episodes she did before she died so perhaps failing health contributed.
I am sure lots of actors and actresses hide medical conditions as far as they can to ensure they can still work . I think most would wish to shuffle off this mortal coil whilst they were still acting or performing on stage , a few , famously, Tommy Cooper and Sid James , got their wish others like Ken Dodd soldiered on way , way beyond the time they should have retired but they simply cannot bring themselves to step "out of the limelight" . The lucky few become National Treasures so however inferior their performance is compared with their hey days when they appear we still revere them .
It could be a medical condition but she seems okay drinking from a cup. I've sometimes seen other actors shake a bit and it made me think that for some reason they may get nervous in certain scenes.