My Recent Trip to Holmfirth


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We all know it's not easy fixin' a wonky leg !!!...[we mean TABLE LEG COMPO....NOT CRUSHER'S LEG !!!]......
He will still be earwiggin'.......trying to get a bit of gossip from his Aunty Ivy and Nora......
On behalf us again [and I know it won't be the last time]..THANK YOU TERRY...YOU KEEP OUR DREAMS [AND OUR SHOW] ALIVE !!!


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I think Crusher would have been one of my favourite characters if he had remained. I loved his little one liners especially in Who’s Looking After The Cafe… “she’s a right one to be telling you to eat your fried bread” :)
One of my favourite episodes.

Douglas Enwright

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Absolutely ferret,he has some hilarious lines but it wasn’t just that,it was the delivery,he would have been one of my favourites too,I missed him when he left and would love to meet Johnathan one day.
Nora : Is this all of it ? (Looking at his bright yellow 2CV)
Crusher : It’s all they gave me when I bought it.


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I agree, it would have been great to see Crusher involved more in the other's shenanigans like Sid had been in earlier episodes.
Sometimes I wonder where Roy Clarke got some of his inspiration. With Crusher there is a lot in his mannerisms (although thank goodness NOT in his character) that remind me of Gomer Pyle when he was still on Andy Griffith. That thing he does with his mouth and, like Chuffer said, his delivery.
There is also an episode of Andy Griffith (Barney's New Car) with a dead ringer character for Auntie Wainright.