Moodyblue to HAPPY BLUE !!!!


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I am just popping the cork on my 3rd bottle of champers because Jurgen Klopp has just announced he will be leaving "THEM" at the end of the season !!!!.
Being a Moody Blue and not even having Tomato Sause in my house because of the colour you can imagine my glee !!! my City those of a red persuasion are reacting like it is a death in the family.
Now all I ask is that "THEY" go down the same path as Manchester United did when Sir Alex left !!!.......BITTER ???.....ME ?????... unfortunately it is all we Evertonians have to cling onto.
To all non football fans I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by my rant !!!.
MY GEORDIE BROTHER !!!.......the really corrupt thing about it all is that the £19.50 million we lost was money spent on the new ground...not we had no sporting advantage [unlike certain other teams].
It's the same with the Toon....Sky DO NOT WANT YOU TO BREAK INTO THE "SKY6" !!!! upsets the billions of armchair supporters who support those corrupt cheating teams who watch from the 4 corners of the globe....the majority could not find their favourite club's stadium with a sat nav !!!!!.

Still trying to figure what this is all about, but 1.4M views in eight hours must be something huge.
Monsieur Blue I put a simple "like" but given the content I could have pretty much used all the Emojis on your post which I whole heartedly agree with . We look like being forced to sell at least one of our stars. In the last 5 days pretty much all of them , even Gordon , have been mentioned , we are trying to build a team that can compete but these rules don't seem to apply to certain clubs whilst others are singled out. It's all about the moolah and the real game seems to be the also ran at the moment so sad for the real fans .
I didn't realise until recently the rivalry between Everton & Liverpool, I always thought their derby games were the 'friendly derby' clearly not.
A client of mine who's an avid Liverpool fan told me that Everton fans would rather both they and Liverpool lost their games than both won. Not sure if this is true but I'm starting to understand the rivalry..
Well, as I picked my way through the rants, I gathered that this is about soccer AKA football. What can I surmise? Let me see -- the Moody Blues does not refer to an early '70's rock group. And Jurgens does not refer to a hand lotion. And tomato sauce is something that you put on pasta unless it's macaroni and then you put a cheese sauce on it. As you can tell, I'm lost.