Memorable Props


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I was watching The Love Mobile yesterday, and I think it was amazing what the props department had done to the caravan, probably when the series had a more generous budget.

I was wondering what peoples favorite/funniest prop was big or small? there is plenty to choose from, many contraptions made by Wesley or something from Aunties shop. My personal favorite is the singing gnome Howard hid in Cleggs house in Gnome And Away

captain clutterbuck

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The big balloon lady in Beware the Elbow especially when they let her go and she deflates only to land on Edie's Car one of the many laugh out loud scenes . Sadly still flat as a pancake she lies still and solemn in the Summer Wine Exhibition next to Nora's House [or at least she did] !


captain clutterbuck

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OF all the props Pearl , much like Howard, you'd be perplexed what to do with it not really something you can display in your living room but sure someone will want it.


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Be a laugh if you didn't tell the other half you'd bought until it was sitting there in the living room.