Maurice Chevalier Pub


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In the series 12 episode "The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression", at about 5 minutes in, Foggy, compo and Clegg are drinking outside a pub. I think it is a real pub, mainly due to there being several "O" rings fixed to the wall, which seems common on old pubs. There is a sign board by the door headed with the word "JUNCTION" that I take to man this is (supposed to be) the Junction Inn or pub. Does anyone recognise it?
Junction Pub (3).jpg
Thanks Roger ... I did try a search on here, but nowt come up ... and the answer for anyone else looking is: Tunnel End Inn, Waters Road, Marsden - which, annoyingly I was looking at the other day and didn't spot the similarity. Should've gone to Specsavers!
Sadly like a lot of pubs the Tunnel End Inn is no more it was turned into a Cafe which closed and according to a post on the public Marsden FB page it has been converted into a House .
We're going up there soon & I'll take an up to date photo & post it on here. Never noticed it before & we like finding locations, it's part of the fun!