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I'm OK. Thanks for checking. I've been kept so busy with the in-home Visiting Nurse, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist that I've barely had time to glance at the daily newspaper, not to mention any of the fun stuff, like this forum.

I'm soon to be discharged from home care and transferred to out-patient therapy. It will be very nice to get out of the house and interact with a larger group of people, even though I'll have the added cost of taxi fare to the PT/OT clinic.


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Improving! It's six weeks post-op today. I've been discharged from home care and started out-patient physical therapy last week. I still have several pages of range-of-motion exercises to be done ten times twice daily. My next check-up is next week, when I hope to be liberated from the sling and cleared to drive.
Sounds promising Marianna, you're doing well. Good luck with your exercises.