Makes you wonder


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In the last couple of weeks I have attended the same clinic at the local hospital, in all these visits there has not been anyone at the clinic reception desk, you have to check in at main reception, where they do have 8 self check in pods, all out of use but powered on.
I asked one of the staff about the check in at the clinic I was attending, she tells me it has not been staffed for over 3 months, yet all 4 monitors where powered up, I asked who used this equipment, she replied nobody, so it does make you wonder how much energy could be being wasted over a period of time
At my doctor's office, they have switched to a main check-in area as soon as you walk in, with a receptionist at a desk for those who don't do machines and check-in machines for those who are comfortable using those machines. Of course, they would like everyone to use the machine, but still there are some who would rather not (guilty). But still, it all works well.
Thank goodness for the check-in machines! I'm almost totally deaf, with only 8% word comprehension on my most recent audiology test, so checking in with a human being would be a trial for both of us. My comprehension is much better if the person faces me and speaks slowly, though, because I can read lips.