Least Enjoyable Show 2


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Please pick 2 episodes from the shows spanning series 11 to series 21 that picked up no votes in the earlier poll, you have 14 days to vote


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I can't vote with this list. I have seen three plus full rotations of Summer Wine and I can divide this list into two categories.

First of all, there are the three I don't remember...

Quick, Quick, Slow
First Human Being to Ride up a Hill
Beware of the Oglethorpe

I believe I have seen them, but there are just not memorable. Perhaps I would vote for these if I could narrow them down to two.

I though the rest of the list was good. The ending on Space Ace was a bit silly but the overall episode was good I really enjoyed The Kiss and Mavis Poskitt, Landlady for Smiler, and Adopted by a Stray. From my experience on Summer Wine forums I am going to predict Some Vans Can Make You Deaf and Waggoners Roll will top this this. However, I always liked the early Tom episodes. I simply worked for me.

Throughout this era I could only come up with one episode that I didn't really like, The Sweet Smell of Excess. I think around that time, Compo's scruffyness became a bit overdone. The idea of the episode was funny but the image of Compo walking around in a wire matress frame was a bit much.


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I voted for Quick Quick Slow has I find it quite boring. Out of the vast amount of episodes I think I only fine maybe 4 boring and this one of them. I also voted for Adopted By A Stray I don't really find it boring but out of all the other I like it the least.