Least Enjoyable Show 1


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You have 14 days to vote on series 1 to 10 for the 5 least enjoyable episodes,I have picked these from those that received no votes from the series poll,so remember you have 5 votes in this poll


voted, i only went for two of them "A Quiet Drink" and "One of the Last Few Places Unexplored by Man", i chose quiet drink cause of the cast that was in it didnt seem to work for me and i find unexplored by mans plot a bit far fetched for my liking, although even though is summer wine its hard to choose least enjoyable show cause there very few like that, especially from that list you got terry


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"A Quiet Drink" was a bit experimental with focusing on other characters, and it just didn't work. That is the only one in this list I voted for.


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Despite not voting for them, Ice Cream Man Cometh, Who's Feeling Ejected Then, Jubilee, and A Flag and Its Snags are great! I can't imagine voting for them.


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I only voted for two,"A quiet drink" and"Northern Flying Circus" as these really didnt work for me.As to the rest of the selections,i really like them all and watch some of them time and again.



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Although A Quiet Drink was quite uncharacteristic, somehow that makes it all the more rarer, more interesting and therefore enjoyable.