Laurel & Hardy

I know there are a few Sons of the Desert on here just to say there is a documentary radio show about them on BBC Sounds app entitled Laurel and Hardy on Tour and it chronicles their various tours in the UK with sound bites from people they met and the boys themselves . It is well worth a listen limited availability for 29 days the only downside is the narrator mentions various shows and clips which in true style have not survived but don't let that you stop listening.
A bit before my time but I loved watching Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, The Three Stooges and others growing up. The whole family would gather around the TV to watch them. We would laugh so hard that tears would stream from our eyes. Fond memories. :)

Another great pie fight scene is from a classic comedy movie from 1965 called The Great Race. Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk and more as cast. Directed by Blake Edwards who also did The Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers as well as Breakfast at Tiffany's.

My favorite custard pie fight was in The Great Race from 1965 featuring Tony Curtis, with a small part played by a young Peter Falk.

As for Laurel and Hardy I grew up watching them as a child, the one I remember most was called The Home Wrecker. Before I was born my dad, who liked to draw caricatures, painted a life-size (heads and shoulders) portrait of them. My mom was not best pleased. She wouldn't let him hang it in any room of the house, but he got her back. He hung it over the staircase so that every morning when you got up and went to the head of the stairs to go down to the kitchen, there they were, and there they remained until I was in junior high.
Whatever his faults, my dad at least ensured I was raised on a steady diet of comedic genius including Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Jonathan Winters, Stan Freburg, Spike Jones, and many more.
Eithne, I think it is great when newer members such as yourself are willing to jump right into the conversations here. Helps to keep things lively. :)
As a child I loved Laurel and Hardy. I recall my mother laughing hysterically when Stan and Ollie were in bed together. I couldn't see the funny side of this as a youngster.