Jonathan Linsley Auction


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Exciting news that our Crusher is having a declutter and starting on Saturday 6th June 2020 on a dedicated facebook group will be the first of many terrific items of memorabilia, many signed by the cast, and Jonathan has also offered to add his signature on purchased items if you so wish, the link for the selling page is

Plus a promo video from Jonathan here
I've seen the items and there are some amazing stuff going up for auction, some real one offs.
Pity it's on Facebook, as he'll lose many potential customers like myself whom won't go on it. I'm surprised he didn't consider eBay, probably would achieve a higher price.
The headline title made me pause for a second. Was afraid he had passed away and his things being auctioned off. Glad to see he is doing well after a bit of sickness not long ago, if memory serves.

I'm not on facebook either so hope it goes well for him and those on it. I agree with Barry that a more open platform might have been nicer to use for the rest of us.

While watching the video I could not help but think that his current looks would be a great modern day Summer Wine character if the show was still going on.