Jolly old English gentlemen falling down


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Thanks for creating a forum about my favorite show!
I’ve always been a bit of an Anglophile
I adore everything about English culture (except the food of course) and absolutely swear by British television, comedy, and classic rock music.
Having been blessed with the same economic situation as dear old Compo, another fine socialist, I’ve never been able to actually visit jolly old England, but in a way I kind of visit there via the sit-coms.
I began with Are you being served, and Monty python, but over the years I’ve come to love: mister bean; thin blue line; black adder; red dwarf; dad’s army; the strange world of gurney slade; chef!; father Ted; black books; and Allo Allo.
But lately I’ve been glued to the YouTube episodes of LOTSW, at least to seasons three through 20. I don’t really want to watch the episodes without Compo. Sorry if that’s offensive to anyone here.

One thing that strikes me about this show is how well, and also how often, the fine old English gentlemen of Yorkshire manage to fall down.
Is this something of a local tradition?
To any British blokes out there, do you also find yourself a victim of the apparently high gravitational forces around Yorkshire?
Lol, no offense intended.

My favorite season was five
My favorite episode was “here we go again into the wild blue yonder” primarily because there’s a grand total of ELEVEN fall-downs, which I believe is the LOTSW record.

And for the record, I’m a sixty year old kinda lonely guy, no family, but just a cute Alaskan malamute puppy pictured above. Been a counselor for children, a substitute teacher, and a cook and pastry chef.

Cheers, mates
I said this in another thread, might as well post it here as well, since I had not seen this one yet and it is your intro post.

Greets and Weclome, Eli! :18:

Like your taste in other Britcoms. I've seen and like most of the shows you've mentioned. Except for Dad's Army and Gurney Slade, not seen those yet.

Alaskan Malamutes are great dogs! Had two to three of them around over the years while I was growing up. Like the 'full mask' on yours.

Bit of a shame you have not seen much of the later episodes. Captain Peacock from Are You Being Served? makes a fine addition to the crew.

As to the falling down it might be due in part to the strong Yorkshire beer, haha.

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Welcome, Eli. Is your tag as in "Eli's coming. Hide your heart"? I really liked Three Dog Night. Hadn't thought about them in years, but now that song is running through my head.
To RickAns - thanks very kindly for your welcomes! And your quite right about frank Thornton! I’ve been a big fan of his since he downed a full cup of horse sweat in “a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.” Its a pleasure to meet a fellow malamute owner as well! Cheers!

To barrychuckle-
TA! Thanks very kindly for your warm welcoming words as well! And everyone knows Ivy can’t bake! Her pastry’s not light enough! I suspect it’s got something to do with her fat! Besides, sticky buns originated right here in Philly, for the record. Thanks again for welcoming us, mate!

To Marianna - and thanks to you, good lady of upstate New York! Why, yes, Eli’s coming is the name of a very fine tune by the old American rock band called “three dog night” I thought it would be appropriate as a pen name since nearly blind Eli is my favorite character on this show. Did you know that the name “three dog night” is an American Eskimo word? On very cold nights the Eskimo families would take three Alaskan malamute dogs into their igloos for warmth. Incidentally, not only I but also the celebrated RickAns, famous for posting on this forum and inventing the first pneumatic truss, have owned several Alaskan malamute dogs!
Cheers all!
Welcome Eli'sComing, you can virtually visit in real time by checking out the Beeties webcam which shows the area outside Sids cafe & if you're lucky even see the tour bus picking up fans.
Welcome Eli'sComing! I think everyone understands missing Compo in the later episodes, don't worry.
Falling down is a major standby in most physical comedy presentations, as a teacher of children you know how funny they find someone falling down, and LOTSW tends to speak to the child in all of us.
Everyone jokes about British food, including the English, but if you get past the stereotype, the convenience food, and everything in tins, traditional English, Scottish, and Irish food is really very good. As a pastry chef you'll want to brush up on your hot water pastry.
I've never had an Alaskan malamute; I don't think they'd like the heat here in Texas, but yours is certainly beautiful. Very symmetrical markings.
Thanks graham
I checked out your Beattie webcam
It was very interesting and much like I thought it would be
Thanks Eithne
Well sure, everyone thinks falling down is funny, quite rightfully, but I just still think that the manner in which the Yorkshire trio falls down is particularly vivid and hilarious
Perhaps gravity is unusually fierce in Yorkshire
If newton had been in Yorkshire that apple would probably have brained him
And you are certainly entitled to your beliefs about British food
For myself I must only say : “Give Over “
Welcome Eli'sComing, so glad you found us, it is always nice to see how far the show has reached, and how much it is still loved after so many years since it first started, as far as falling down, Yorkshire is well known for the County with the most trip hazards.
Thank you kind sir
That does seem to make a lot of sense, that Yorkshire is filled with rabbit holes and branches which trip you
Man I wish I could go tramping over there and see for myself


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