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I watched the live stream of his Funeral service from Truro today, I saw him on tour 4 times over several years, plus I had the pleasure to meet and chat to him twice, once in Oxford and again at his club in Cornwall where we stayed overnight. He was a real genuine funny man, I have pasted the link below so you can watch the service, there was some great moments when folk remembered his life and stories about him,well worth a watch


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Thanks for posting, sadly that generation of comedians are dying out, the eulogy by Jim Davidson (another legend) is really moving and funny at the same time. RIP Jethro


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Yes, he was a genuinely funny man, often considered slightly blue, yet could easily tell clean stories which were incredibly funny as well.

Part of his talent was taking something that wasn't particularly funny, and turning it into something so hilarious it hurts with laughter.