Jean Alexander (Auntie Wainwright) R.I.P.

When you play one iconic part in your acting life over a number of years it must be so pleasing but two is so difficult to comprehend . Jean was held in such high esteem for the downtrodden Hilda in Coronation Street and of course Auntie Wainwright in our beloved show . They are two diverse characters one effectively never had any money , scraped a living to help support her idle husband Stan who despite all his faults she loved dearly [ Hilda returned from the hospital after his funeral with a small package of Stan's belongings. As she silently opened the package, she found a case containing his spectacles. Opening the case, she begins to cry, and the episode ends in silence queue floods of tears from the whole audience] and then in a completely opposite vein you have Auntie who we know craved money and had presumably vast amounts at her disposal even though she was keen for more however small the amount .

The characters however diverse did have one major similarity , they were played by a great actress who brought all her craft and experience to both roles . A sad loss.
A sad loss. RIP Jean.

I always liked how quick witted she was in thinking up ways to get people to buy things from her. If she did not have exactly what you wanted she found something in stock to make do :). I'm thinking of a time the guys wanted a boat or canoe, something that floats. She sold them a metal cabinet that was missing the back. While in the water one of the guys turned the handle. The doors opened and they all fell through into the water!
Did anyone see the coverage of Jean Alexander on BBC news today? Her role in LOTSW lasted about 2 seconds. What is it with the BBC?:46:
Greatly saddened when I heard the news as I have known Jean for many years. She first appeared in my favourite Christmas special and I was fortunate enough to appear with her in the final episode. I lived in the next road to Jean and would often see her when she came to vote in my polling station or in browsing the shelves in our local library (she even led a campaign to prevent the temporary closure of the towns main library). I was even lucky enough to be invited into her house once when I drovevher to a local charity event. I was most impressed when Jean told me one day, in her eighties, how she had recently, after many years, decided to give up smoking, no aids, just no more cigarettes. I have included some of my photographs that i took of Jean from my private collection in the photos section. She was a lovely lady and portrayed with wonderful character brilliantly. She will be sadly missed. RIP Jean Alexander.
Another sad loss. I note she was 23 years in Coronation Street, I have a feeling she was in Summer Wine for almost as long.