It's a nuisance


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I am contemplating what jobs I can indulge myself with today. The main thing that springs to mind is to sit here and inspect the inside of my eyelids. I am tired but can't get a full nights sleep because of various complaints and an overactive WWW. DU. That is Waste Wee Wee Disposal Unit. It is most annoying to get out of bed for a pee and want another one before getting back into bed. :13: Does anyone else have this problem? How does one cure it? I have tried not drinking anything after 7 PM except a little drink of milk which I need to swallow my overabundant supply of NHS drugs. Any suggestions anyone?
I was a shift worker for years and although I have now retired I still struggle with sleeping so I have just accepted it wont improve and have adapted my lifestyle to suit so I am quite used to just a few hours sleep . As an aside my job today was to lose some money on a few nags at York Races which I achieved with aplomb . I managed to come home with my original shirt and the spare still intact in it's carrier bag!
Good Morning everyone. I got up at 7 AM and it was so dark that some of the solar lights were still on. I don't mind that but it is a bit confusing for air traffic. An Airbus that had seen my lights tried to land in the street and I had a visit from Air Traffic Controllers asking me to turn my solar lights off. I politely told him to go way:29: and rearrange the air traffics flight path. If you believe that then you are as daft as me. Being daft is the only entertainment I have left these days. Are you as daft as me Captain Clutterbuck? Your letters always make me smile and smiling is so important. Keep it up.
I now have a big decision to make. Which sock should I put on first, the left one or the right one? ............What was that? Did someone shout 'PUT A SOCK IN IT?'. ...... Have a nice day everyone.
Sometimes you just have to laugh through periods of adversity , even poor Howard managed a smile [or is it a grimace] as that weighty shopping bag was being launched in anger towards his head .

Given you said it was dark and have a tough decision to make regarding you socks why not take it to the next level , if you are safely able , like the recent advertising campaign . Get dressed in the dark and give yourself a laugh out loud moment by seeing how uncoordinated your clothes are [doesn't work in the case of socks of course if you only have one colour but hopefully someone must have bought you some Christmas themed socks at some point for example] .

Depending on how fastidious you are how long can you stay dressed that way , but think of the expressions on the faces of any visitors you have !:):)