It's a beautiful day.


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It is a beautiful day today. It's one of those days that I dearly wish I could get outside for a walk. It's nice enough to lay down and listen to the aircraft flying overhead. You can bet that that is what manwinoname is doing. He likes listening to the roar of the engines as they pass over. I have told him not to sunbathe on the runway. Has anybody guessed what your cat is called yet Malc? The cat with the Royal name. I find that Malc is easier to type than manwinoname. He is a very nice and funny man. He comes from the Emerald Isle. I'm sure he would like to talk to you. All you have to do is offer him a few titbits, something like £20 notes.
There are a lot of members in this group from over the pond. Silly expression that, over the pond. I think we should be more spacific than saying over the pond. OK, so it's the Atlantic. Which side of the pond did that expression, over the pond, originate? I presume that from the membership, the programme LOTSW must have been aired in the USA. I have often wondered what you must have thought of the likes of Compo. Great character.
Must go and fetch the solar lights in. Another story that. Do any of you have solar lights in your garden? We have hundreds. :14:


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Where I live we have a communal garden. People (mostly ladies ) love to potter about and there are so many solar lights and strings of the same it looks like fairyland at times. :01::)