You might be interested to know Marianna that the name Bay Horse does not feature in the top 50 pub names in the UK . The top ten are:-

1. Red Lion
2. The Crown
3. Royal Oak
4.White Hart
5. The Swan
6.The Plough
7.The Bell
8.Rose &Crown
9.The Plough
10. Railway Tavern

Of course this is fairly fluid given the number of Pubs that are closing week on week in the UK


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Great for them, hope the pub does well. Sounded like he said they planned to have at least part of it opened up by summer 2019. May need to add this to my planned spots to visit when I get the chance to head over there.


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Since I'm a history buff, I'd like to see them restore the name, "The Bay Horse", along with the oldest known signage. The bus line serving the stop nearby still refers to the stop as "near the Bay Horse".
Sometimes names of bygone restaurants and/or pubs seem to live on the memories of bus riders. Here in the US, in Springfield, Virginia (near Washington, DC) there used to be a restaurant named Bob's Big Boy. And you guessed it, it became the name of the first out-bound bus stop Well, the restaurant has been long gone, but the stop is still referred to as Bob's by the bus riders much to the puzzlement of some of the drivers.