How would they have Managed


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During the current lockdown, Cafe and pubs closed,Barry working from home, the ladies not allowed their coffee mornings, no long walks in the hills, Wesley unable to visit scrap yards, Aunties shop closed so mail order only, Cleggy would have to move into the modern world if he wants to use Zoom, Pearl has a rock solid excuse to keep Howard home, and would report him if he wandered off to meet a certain young lady, Foggy would have to put his stories on Youtube, so many things would be so different, though Smiler would be his normal happy self.
I can picture now the long shots of the trio walking through the hills two metres apart.

And Nora keeping Compo two metres away with a long brush.

Ivy preparing to open the cafe so people can dine outside at tables, expecting the customers to eat and drink without removing their face masks...
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Here's my thoughts.

Barry working from home and missing not being able to play golf.

The ladies having their coffee mornings through a conference call on the telephone.

Wesley in lockdown in his shed.

Aunties shop closed and mail order only, I wouldn't wish to be the driver who picks up those parcels. He/She would leave with more than they went to pick up.

Clegg would sort of love it because it would mean that Howard wouldn't be rushing in through the door. Though you can imagine Howard drilling a hole through the wall and trying to whisper 'Cleggy, Cleggy' through it.

Pearl would get sick of Howard at home all the time so would confine him to the cellar so he could look for Stoneworm.

Foggy putting his stories and showing him doing military manoeuvres on Youtube. A 'captive' audience you could say.

Cooper and Walsh driving around all day though they wouldn't be able to stake out the takeaway places waiting for the queue to go down as they would be shut. They wouldn't be able to park the car somewhere and have a zizz as there would be no else on the road to hide their car in amongst.

Marina would be bored though she could maybe send smoke signals to Howard.

Nora would be cleaning and baking all week.

Compo grabbing the baking from Nora's doorstep that she leaves for him.

Ivy cooking food all day.

Sid would have plenty of time on his hands to try and mend things, again and again and again.

Crusher eating all of Auntie Ivy's left over food.

Entwhistle in his shed fixing washing machines.

Truly playing detective trying to figure out whose stealing all the bird seed off the bird feeder.

Blamire would have to have an allotment of some sort as his landlady wouldn't want him in the house all day.

Old Wainwright would be missing the 'affections' of Mrs Partridge as she would be home with her family.

Miss Davenport would have plenty of time to do reading and writing stories.