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captain clutterbuck

LOTSW Fanatic
Congratulations on your promotion to LOTSW Fanatic
:) thank you Barry much appreciated no salute required , I have plagiarised one of Spike Milligan's poems to celebrate :-

My Name is Captain Fanatic fan
I walk about the town
Sometimes with my Trousers up
and sometimes with them down
and when they were up they were up
and when they were down ................. I got arrested .


captain clutterbuck

LOTSW Fanatic
Trying to think of when we saw Truly's house. Could you name an episode, please?
It's marked on Terry's Summerwine Map Rick number 14 in the list and there is a picture of it as the house looks now changed a lot since they filmed . If you use streetview on Google maps and move down Sude Hill you come to a church that has also featured in the show [13 on the Map] . I suppose if I was Terry I would set you a quiz to see if you know which episode that appeared in.