Holmfirth Summer Wine Town Films

I am a documentary film producer based in Holmfirth. May I draw the attention of Forum members to two films which I produced in 2010 and 2014 which may be of interest to Last of the Summer Wine fans. The first film entitled ' The Changing Face of Holmfirth - Summer Wine Town' examines how the much loved TV comedy influenced the development of the little Pennine town while the second film entitled 'A Wall of Water - the tragic past of Holmfirth's Summer Wine Town.' looks at the floods which engulfed Holmfirth in 1852 and 1944 and which were at their most severe in the very locations made familiar to millions of viewers.'A Wall of Water' argues that the picturesque setting which helped make LOTSW such a success was also responsible for the floods which brought much suffering to the town. Both films are available on Amazon ( and at the Tourist Information Office in Holmfirth if you are visiting the town .) The first few minutes of both films can be viewed on the net at:t http://vimeo.com/26777853 and www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjVsAiXgyXA
Thanks !

Many thanks for the thanks !

I wasn't sure that my films about Holmfirth would be of much interest to members of the forum as it's Holmfirth itself which is central to the films with LOSW playing a supporting role rather than the lead. Oh and Pearl. I live up above the Church in Holmfirth and I have a decent pair of binoculars so I'll keep a look out for Howard.