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Hi I'm Simon I'm new to the site. I'm from Huddersfield so not far from Holmfirth Summer Wine country. I went to Holmfirth recently and went on the summer wine tour coach. I also went to the summer wine exhibition which was great seeing the history of the show. I noticed on the summer wine map there's not much put on in Huddersfield town centre location wise. I believe Tom Owen made his first appearance on the show in Huddersfield at a cash point on New Street.
Hi Simon. Welcome aboard, Yes Tom did do a scene outside a bank, I recall they used the station a couple of times and somewhere near the market for a Christmas episode
Welcome Simon. You're lucky to be living so close to Summerwine land. I believe Toms Bank machine was in Meltham?
Most of the cast used to stay at the Huddersfield Lodge when they were filming. The greatest location used in Huddersfield was 'Hillcrest', Sams house. Enjoy this site, there's plenty to dig into.
Hello and welcome Simon , great that you live near all the iconic places that feature in the show , alongside Terry's[maltrab] excellent map, in the member photos there are some wonderful photos of then and now from many locations which are well worth looking at plus in many threads from Graham , Terry, Chuffer and others there are photos and narrative which are a great read . Lastly David Piper has been posting some excellent reviews of the episodes/series and they are a really great read . I look forward to your contributions and posts to this great site.
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Welcome Simon. There is a treasure trove (10 years plus) of insights on this forum mixed with history, good humor and the occasional barmpot : ). Much to unpack. Hope you enjoy as well as take part!