Hello from the U.S., Ohio

A wonderful welcome to you. Now you are on the site you can open your eyes and enjoy looking at some of the member's photo [accessed from the home page just scroll down until you reach Photo Corner] . A number of members have published photos some of the best were posted by Pete who travelled around the show's locations and took photos of the various places as they are now and posted a picture of the scene from the show when it was shot . I hope you enjoy your time on here and I look forward to your posts and threads . :)


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Greetings and Welcome, Cleggy's Sis !

Glad you found the forums. Good to see another fan of the show. Been a few decades since I last lived in Ohio. Bet things have changed a bit since then.



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Ohio is that to the east of Holmfirth, Only Joking I know it's near London, always nice to have another new member and enjoy your visits to the best bunch of Barmpots on the planet
Oops! Yes, Howard and Marina! But really, I'd like to see these two get together: Smiler and Marina. As a team, they'd be hilarious, especially with Howard having a fit and Pearl at her finest! But maybe it's been done already; I haven't seen all the episodes yet.


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Cleggy's Sis, I agree that the combination of Smiler and Marina would be some funny stuff. Imagine Aunty Wainwright convincing the pair of them to push her cart full of stuff around town :29:.

I do believe there was an episode where the trio tried to get Smiler in as a lodger at Marina's but he ended up at Norah's for a time. Howard, Compo and Smiler were all second guessing those plans!
There are a few episodes where Marina and Smiler pair up for a very short period , Who's that Mouse in the Poetry Group ? when Smiler goes all intellectual until he starts to recite who were his neighbours in the street he was born . There is a passionate kiss in How to Create a Monster after Foggy's training goes awry and of course he was Lonely Blue Eyes[I think that was his nom de plume] in the Pub when Marina answers the small ad [can't recall the episode at the moment]